The following events are used to log notable events within the Alarm service.

Scheduler Events

The Scheduler contract logs the following events.

Call Scheduled

  • Solidity Event Signature: CallScheduled(address callAddress)

Logged when a new scheduled call is created.

Call Rejected

  • Solidity Event Signature: CallRejected(address indexed schedulerAddress, bytes32 reason)

Logged when an attempt to schedule a function call fails.

Call Contract Events

Each CallContract logs the following events.

Call Executed

  • Solidity Event Signature: CallExecuted(address indexed executor, uint gasCost, uint payment, uint fee, bool success)


Executed when the call is executed.

Call Aborted

  • Solidity Event Signature: _CallAborted(address executor, bytes32 reason)

Executed when an attempt is made to execute a scheduled call is rejected. The reason value in this log entry contains a short string representation of why the call was rejected. (Note that this event name starts with an underscore)


  • NOT_ENOUGH_GAS - Executing transaction less than the requiredGas value
  • ALREADY_CALLED - The call has already been executed.
  • NOT_IN_CALL_WINDOW - The transaction is occurring outside of the call window.
  • NOT_AUTHORIZED - Attempting to execute a claimed call during the period that the claimer has exclusive call rights. * STACK_TOO_DEEP
  • The stack depth could not be extended to requiredStackDepth.