Account Managment

The scheduler pays system requires that payment for scheduled calls be provided prior to the execution of the call, so that the sender of the executing transaction can immediately be reimbursed for the gas costs.

The account and associated funds are used to pay for any calls scheduled by that address. Inturn, each ethereum address may withdraw or deposit funds in its account at any time with no restrictions.

It is also possible to deposit funds in the account of another address. You cannot however withdraw funds from any address other than your own.

Checking account balance

Your account balance can be checked by accessing the public mapping of accounts to balances.

  • Solidity Function Signature: accountBalances(address accountAddress) returns (uint)
  • ABI Signature: 0x6ff96d17

Calling this function will return the balance in wei for the provided address.

Depositing funds

Depositing funds can be done one of a few ways.

By sending ether

The simplest way to add funds to your account is to just send the ether to the address of the alarm service. Any funds sent to the alarm service are added to the account balance of the sender.


Contracts cannot add funds to their accounts this way using the send function on addresses. This is due to solidity’s protection against unbounded gas use in contract fallback functions. See below for how contracts can add their own funds.

Here is how you would do this from the geth javascript console.

The above would deposit 100 wei in the account of whatever address you used for the from value in the transaction.

By using the deposit function

Funds can also be deposited in a specific account by calling the deposit function and sending the desired deposit value with the transaction.

  • Solidity Function Signature: deposit(address accountAddress)
  • ABI Signature: 0xf340fa01

Sending from a contract

Contracts can deposit funds through these mechanisms as well.

Or, if you would like your contract to deposit funds in the account of another address.


It should be pointed out that you cannot deposit funds by calling alarmAddress.send(value). By default in solidity, this transaction is sent with only enough gas to execute the funds transfer, and the fallback function on the Alarm service requires a bit more gas so that it can record the increase in account balance.

Withdrawing funds

Withdrawing funds is restricted to the address they are associated with. This is done by calling the withdraw function on the Alarm service.

  • Solidity Function Signature: withdraw(uint value)
  • ABI Signature: 2e1a7d4d

If the account has a balance sufficient to fulfill the request, the amount specified specified in wei will be transferred to msg.sender.