Ethereum Alarm Clock

Scheduling of transactions for delayed execution in the future



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Ethereum Alarm Clock was designed to incentivise the decentalized network of TimeNodes making sure your scheduled transaction will be executed on time.


Based on Ethereum Smart Contracts it does guarantee the immutability of the scheduled transactions.

Base layer protocol

Ethereum Alarm Clock was built as a base layer protocol, integration friendly, able to handle cases from simple transfers to complex smart contract automation.

What is Ethereum Alarm Clock

Smart contracts with no external services

The Ethereum Alarm Clock is a service that allows scheduling transactions to be executed at a later time on the ethereum blockchain. This is accomplished by specifying all of the details for the transaction you wish

to send, as well as providing up-front payment for gas costs, allowing your transaction to be executed for you at a later time. The service is completely trustless, meaning that the entire service operates as smart

contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, with no priviledged access given to any party. The code for this service is open source under the MIT license and can be viewed on the github repository.


Trustless way of scheduling transactions for the future

A TimeNode is an off-chain execution agent that acts as the counterparty to transactions that are scheduled on the Ethereum Alarm Clock. When someone schedules a transaction, it will later be executed by a TimeNode for profit. Please check out this in-depth tutorial on How to Run a TimeNode.


Download App

We have prepared native versions for Linux, MacOS and Windows. Alternatively you can run it from here.


Fund your wallet

TimeNodes requires a minimal amount of ETH to cover transaction costs on Ethereum Network.


Start the agent

You are one click away from becoming the TimeNode for scheduled transactions.


Partnerships & native integrations

Announcing the Ethereum Alarm Clock & ChronoLogic Partnership

ChronoLogic has solidified a partnership with & grant to Ethereum Alarm Clock as the first project that will benefit from ChronoLogic funding to support temporal innovation. Ethereum Alarm Clock currently allows scheduling of transactions for delayed execution at a specified block or time in the future.

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ChronoLogic Partners With MyCrypto For Ethereum Alarm Clock Integration

MyCrypto is a recently-launched Ethereum blockchain interface from the team who originally developed MyEtherWallet. They have quickly integrated Shapeshift and are now partnering with ChronoLogic to implement a scheduled transactions function utilizing the Ethereum Alarm Clock.

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ChronoLogic to Launch Scheduling Technology on the native RSK Network

ChronoLogic, a company focused on automation on the blockchain, has partnered with RSK Labs to provide its payment and token scheduling technology into the native RSK network. With the RSK Network, it seemed natural to extend this technology to give the users of RSK the same capabilities.

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Scheduling Transactions with Ethereum Alarm Clock by ChronoLogic

The Ethereum blockchain has no native way to schedule transactions. A smart contract needs an executor, so the user must interact with the contract at the time when the transaction needs to be sent. Ethereum Alarm Clock — a smart contract protocol that allows scheduling transactions to be executed later on the user’s behalf.

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What Can You Do With The Ethereum Alarm Clock?

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