Ethereum Alarm Clock

Schedule Contract Function Calls

  • An ethereum contract that facilitates scheduling function calls for a specified block in the future.
  • Function calls can be scheduled to be executed against any contract
  • Scheduling can be done by contracts or ethereum account holders.
  • Fully contained within the ethereum network.

Alarm Contract Address



Schedule any contract function to be called a specified block number in the future.

In Network

Fully implemented as an ethereum contract with no external services.


Call execution can be done by anyone operating an ethereum node. No single point of failure.

Verifiable Source

Contract code can be verified against the published source.


Service implements no administrative functionality or special access to any address.

Public Property

The Alarm service does not implement suicide. You can count on it remaining available forever.


The Alarm service is thoroughly documented with plenty of examples to help get you started.

Safely call any function.

The Alarm service supports designation of certain addresses as authorized schedulers. Contracts can trust authorized calls were scheduled by an address that they authorized, allowing you to schedule calls to functions that would normally not be publicly callable.

Get paid to execute call.

Anyone can execute scheduled calls, earning ether by doing so.